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The Psychosomatic Therapy College

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The Psychosomatic Therapy College underpins the training and qualifications of our registered practitioners and teachers.  It is located on Queensland's Gold Coast, Australia and has been established since 2003.

The College founded by Hermann Müller who created the Psychosomatic Therapy process by pioneering the art of reading faces and the magic of body-mind communication as an integrative process to self discovery

Each of our practitioners and teachers have studied under the approved courses set by The Psychosomatic Therapy College.

The series of registered Psychosomatic Therapy courses are now taught by teachers throughout the world.  These courses consist of Level 1 & 2, Certificate III Psychosomatic Therapy, Masters Psychosomatic Therapy and Diploma of teaching Psychosomatic Therapy.

Our registered teachers and practitioners must adhere to our strict annual professional development policies in order to remain a registered member.  They all have insurance and first aid.

Marie Müller is now the sole director of the College, she teaches in her own right whilst administering the College.

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We Honor Hermann Müller


Hermann Muller     Tribute to Hermann Müller    Celebrating Hermann

The Late Hermann Müller, founder and creator of Psychosomatic Therapy pioneered the art of reading faces and the magic of body-mind communication as an integrative process of self discovery.

The release of past redundant and restrictive patterns held in the physical structure by cellular memory in the body tissue replaced by correcting posture, improving body condition, physical shape and the desired psychological attitudes, through this experiential practice.

The three keys to the Psychosomatic process are focus, balance and structure.  These three keys are the cornerstone of life itself.  Each psychosomatic process creates an atmosphere of centring the mind and bringing balance in behaviour which results in improved performance, self-confidence and stability.

Hermann's life was a shining example of what can be achieved with heart-focused service, will, commitment and self-belief.  He encouraged everyone to follow their hearts, listen to their intuition and live to their full potential.  With this message of love and encouragement to you is also Hermann's legacy, a final expression of love.

"I see my life's work as a chrysalis with which my expression of love and compassion has been of service, founded in the creation of Psychosomatic Therapy.  It is your love, dedication and spirit that creates a metamorphosis for this work whereby we can reach beyond our physical forms in a continuum of co-creation." Hermann Müller

The foundation of the Psychosomatic Therapy College and the teachings continues to stand on Hermann's legacy, the three pillars of:

Divine Will

Love Wisdom

Active Intelligence


Hermann Müller is a 'Life member' of The International Association of Psychosomatic Therapy (INTAPT)