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Meet the Team


We are the International Association of Psychosomatic Therapy (INTAPT) a non-profit professional association established in 2003.  INTAPT was conceived to create a foundation for the modality and to support Psychosomatic Therapy Students, Practitioners and Teachers.  The association operates independently of The Psychosomatic Therapy College and has reached a phase of growth allowing focus on broader influence and public awareness.

Who are our Members?

We recognize practitioners and teachers who hold a qualification as recognised by national regulatory bodies in Australia and Canada. We maintain a register of qualified practitioners who adhere to the Association’s code of ethics, which reflect INTAPT’s commitment to high standards of ethical and professional practice. We are the only professional association for Psychosomatic Therapists and currently have members in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

We accept membership from Teachers, Practitioners, Students and Associates which is made up of people who have completed a 1 day Psychosomatic face reading day up to those who have completed the Certificate III Psychosomatic Therapy and above. Our members consist of personal and professional development.  Teachers and recognised practitioners are clearly marked.

Who runs INTAPT?

The Association is run by a small group of Psychosomatic Therapists and Teachers who kindly volunteer their time and expertise. Meet your executive team for 2021 as voted in 29th November 2020:

International Board Executive

President: Sean Jago

VicePresident: Nerida Mills

Secretary: Adam Gillie

Treasurer: Marilyn Crossley


Canadian Executive Committee

(please note these titles represent equivalent to)

Canadian President – Robin Daoust

Canadian Vice President – Lorrel Elian

Canadian Secretary – Erin Ulmer

Socials – Erin Chaba and Erin Ulmer

Assistant – Brenda Christensen and Christina Prpick


Bookkeeper: Marilyn Crossley