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Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy

Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy

The Master Practitioner in Psychosomatic Therapy & Advanced Psychosomatic Process Training introduces a wider scope of knowledge & deeper understanding in the process of Self Mastery. This in-depth self-awareness is a sacred pathway to discovering and achieving your Soul’s purpose. Advance your Psychosomatic skills personally and professionally.

Subjects Include:

·      The Hands and Feet of the Soul ©

·      The Basics of the Secrets of Body Language ©

·      The Basics of Personality Profiling ©

·      Psychosomatic Language ©

·      Psychosomatic Diseases & Self Healing ©

·      The Magic of Bodymind Communication© Soul & Personality Rays ©

·      Soul Energetics ©

The Master Practitioner operates from a space of grace, respect, compassion and an understanding.
Encourage an environment within and external to the self that conveys safety, comfort and relaxation.
As we explore the human body and the matrix of its evolution within the field of consciousness, the core process in Psychosomatic Self Healing becomes evident.

A brief outline of the Master Practitioner training & Advanced Psychosomatic Process, illustrates the pathway to applying expertise as a Psychosomatic Practitioner and provide deeper levels of comprehension to advance your Self Mastery.

Research from the Psychosomatic Process has proven effects on the neuroplasticity of the human brain to adapt appropriate human behaviour. Psychosomatic Therapy re-programs the function of the emotional or mammalian brain and the reptilian brain, which o en overrides our human behaviour.

Day 1 - Introduction, Overview & Purpose
Self Mastery is the key to the practice of Psychosomatic Therapy.
Your path of self mastery is the body mind soul connection within your self.
Day 2 - Soul & Personality Rays © and Hands and Feet of the Soul ©
An extensive study of these delicate tools of the whole bodymind opens limitless insights to the internal function of the human body. The hands and feet are the most sensitive transmitters of informal on from of the human body’s interior world to the outside world. Their expression is the Magic of the Bodymind Communication – the essence of Body Language.
Day 3 - The Basics of the Secrets of Body Language ©
The universal Language of Body and Soul
The practitioner is trained to observe the mental and emotional state of the client and how this has manifested physically in the biological and neurological condition of the body.
Day 4 The Basics of Personality Profiling ©
The practitioner is trained to interpret the conditions of the bodymind through psychosomatic awareness. The verbalised condition stated by the client is only of marginal value to the experienced Psychosomatic Practitioner.
Day 5 - Training Plan through Instruction & Presentation within Psychosomatic Concepts
Day 6 - Psychosomatic Language
The power of words & appropriate language
Day 7 - The Magic of Body Mind Communication©
This training focuses on mastering the techniques of observing, listening and sensing so there is a bodymind to bodymind connection that disassociates from the analytical, and somewhat presumptuous knowledge of the conscious mind – “The Magic of Bodymind Communication’ ©
Day 8 - Psychosomatic Diseases & Self Healing
The client is empowered by the process of self healing. The practitioner’s assessment of the client is essentially non-verbal, based on the extensive training in Certificate III and its practical application.
The practitioner identifies Psychosomatic dis-eases, the energy centres involved, symptoms and suggested treatment. The therapeutic attitude of patience, warmth and compassion generates the ‘self healing process’ by their participation. A great deal occurs within the safe space created.
Day 9 - Soul Energetics ©
Soul energetics – emotional release is a powerful tool for your client’s integrative healing process. A deep communication occurs in the subconscious between the bodymind & soul. Cellular memory, sometimes deeply buried, is released through your contact with the emotional release points – this is a unique process of body work that is loving & nurturing.
Day 10 - The Final Analysis
Day 11 - Self Mastery


Prerequisite : Completetion of Cert III Psychosomatic Therapy - 10 days ( logbook completion is not a prerequiste)

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