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 New Zealand
May 28

FEET Reading - Unlock the Secrets of your Soles

Date & Time
28 May 2024 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
(UTC+10:00) Australia/Sydney



Christy Foster and I are excited to extend a special invitation to an upcoming event to pique your interest and benefit you greatly.
We invite you to "Unlock the Secrets of your Soles" where you will have the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of feet reading. This ancient practice can provide valuable insights into one's personality, emotions, and overall well-being by examining the features of the feet.  
During the class, you will learn the fundamentals of foot reading, understand the significance of various foot characteristics, and discover how to interpret the messages the feet convey. Whether you are curious about this art form or eager to enhance your skills, this class caters to all experience levels.

Feet Training - Unlock the Secrets of the Feet.jpg

This event is unique because you can attend the live session or watch the recording at your convenience. Whether you prefer to engage in real-time interaction or access the content at a time that suits you best, this class is designed to accommodate your schedule.  You will be invite to share your feet photos, so this becomes an individual experience for you! 
Join us for an enlightening and interactive session that promises to broaden your knowledge and deepen your connection with yourself and others. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the hidden language of the feet and uncover valuable insights that can positively impact your life.
Christy and I are excited about the prospect of you joining us for this fantastic Foot Reading Class.  You can book directly online, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. 
Click on the link below for registration details:

Unlock the Secrets of your Soles



  • AUST – Tuesday 8.00am – 10am 28 May, 4-11-18-25 June, Bonus Practice Session 9 & 23 July
  • USA – Monday 27 May, 3-10-17-24 June Bonus Practice Class 9 & 22 July
  • 10 hours of training over 5 sessions
  • Times to suit (Australia/USA/Canada)
  • Ideal for people interested in feet, and understanding human responses & pain in the body
  • Personal and Professional development
  • Recordings available if you miss a session
  • Can’t attend live? Watch the recordings in your own time and book a 1:1 individual session for Q&A
  • Cost: AU$ 495 (Repeat students AU$ 200), Feet Reading Certification: $890

Best wishes

Linda & Christy




Wednesday 1st May 2024 - Wednesday 26th Jun 2024
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