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Psychosomatic Therapy - a pathway to the 10821 Nat Certificate III -Sydney NSW November
Nov 14

Psychosomatic Therapy - a pathway to the 10821 Nat Certificate III -Sydney NSW November

Start Date
14-Nov-2022 8:30 am
End Date
04-Dec-2022 6:00 pm
(UTC+11:00) Australia/Sydney



Contact if you are interested to know more about this training and to organise a call with Linda to answer any of your questions.


Psychosomatic Therapy Training - November 2022

Course Overview

Your face and body are the record of your history. You will learn to read this history, reveal the barriers and natural protection methods your body has learnt from earlier years, uncover the experiences which have shaped you, and gain therapeutic tools needed to make changes and to aid in your transformation.

The Psychosomatic Therapy Training Course commences with 10 face-to-face training days which will teach you to understand your bodies’ communication, providing information around the root causes of any disharmony that may exist.  

Why you should learn Psychosomatic Therapy:

  • Understand what others are really communicating to you
  • Identify core issues of disharmony in the Mind-Body Connection
  • Improve relationships between yourself and others by seeing how their attitudes have been developed and shaped
  • Learn how to consider your communication style of delivery by understanding how others receive and process information, which greatly enhances all relationships
  • Reduce stress in your life
  • Develop confidence to overcome personal fears
  • Enable the skill of compassion, rather than take things personally
  • Gain life tools that can be immediately implemented into your daily practices to live a more balanced and happy life
  • Become involved with a network of like-minded individuals wanting to make the world a better place

Why THERAPISTS will find Psychosomatic Therapy helpful:

  • As you transform yourself through the Psychosomatic Process, you simultaneously practice therapeutic applications to empower your clients toward new levels of healing and change
  • Become an expert in your field through advanced communication & analysis skills
  • Learn to integrate intuition with innovative systems designed to decode the messages of the Body-Mind
  • Support your clients, family, and community in their conscious evolution toward holistic health
  • Achieve greater results and receive word-of-mouth referrals through genuine connection with clients
  • Identify core issues quickly through reading the habitual patterns and responses in the body
  • Acquire tools and resources to immediately utilise with your clients
  • Become involved with a network of like-minded individuals


*  Full training $ 6,245.00 – Includes 12 month mentoring programme whilst additional home studies and case studies are comleted for those going on to gain full qualificaiton.  In addition to the 12 days of training (2 of these being supervised clinic days), there is a further 2 online units in addition to case studies/assignments/ reflective learning which takes approximately12 months to complete before you are eligible to gain your final qualification.

*  If you plan to stop at the 12 day face to face days, you will receive a Statement of Attendance for the days completed. The investment of this option is $4995.  

Dates:    (if these dates don't suit you, please send to linda@thefaceandbodyinterpreter so your availability can be considered for future classes)

Location:   Sydney NSW  (Venue tbc)


  • 14-19 Nov, 28 Nov-1 Dec 2022 (10 day course)
  • 3-4 Dec (2 clinic days)

Clinic Days:  are for those wishing to complete their training for Professional Development or to go on to become Certified as a Psychosomatic Therapy Practitioner.

If this training sounds like it is for you, please send me an email to so we can organise a convenient time to connect and discuss further. 

We look forward to having you in the training.



Event Type
Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate
Event Location
Abbotsford NSW NSW 2046
Contact Details
Linda Thackray

Saturday 29th Oct 2022
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