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GOLD COAST LEVEL II - A pathway to 10821NAT Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy
Oct 04

GOLD COAST LEVEL II - A pathway to 10821NAT Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy

by The Psychosomatic Therapy College
Start Date
04-Oct-2022 9:00 am
End Date
09-Oct-2022 5:30 pm
(UTC+10:00) Australia/Queensland

Psychosomatic Therapy is the process between the psyche (mind) and soma (the body) that we live in. Body-Mind communication exists within us every moment of our life, inside us, and, our awareness of our reactions outside us. This results in behaviours and attitudes through a lifetime of experience and our interaction with others. The cellular memory created within the body internally, effects the mental, emotional and physical structure of the body formation and its actions and reactions, externally.

How does it work?
The three keys to the Psychosomatic process are focus, balance and structure - these keys are the cornerstone of life! Each psychosomatic process technique creates an atmosphere of centring the mind and bringing balance in behaviour which results in improved performance, self confidence and stability.

Throughout the bodywork the release of past redundant and restrictive patterns held in the physical structure by cellular memory in body tissue are replaced by gaining awareness, correcting posture, improving body condition, physical shape and the desired psychological attitudes, through an experiential practice.

Can I use it for personal growth?
Yes! Through this process the relationship between the language of the Body-Mind becomes revealed. This 'language' through body chemistry, recognizes no nationality or doctrine. The Soul seeks only to awaken within the human body, feelings of love, compassion and understanding experienced as a vital, healthy life. If you have ongoing challenges with stress, anxiety, depression or general overwhelm, this training offers a 10 day retreat experience to source the root cause of unconscious issues and release debilitating patterns from the Body-Mind.

Can I use it professionally?
Yes! The 10821NAT Certificate III is the only Government Accredited Training of its kind, it is a flexible and practical curriculum for people who are interested in applying; additional skills to an existing complimentary health practice or who desire to learn new skills on a pathway toward a career in integrative health. INTAPT is the International Association of Psychosomatic Therapists representing Members, Practitioners and Teachers of Psychosomatic Therapy. Once certified, membership to the association assists in gaining public liability and personal indemnity insurance for a professional practice.

International Students
The Psychosomatic Therapy College welcomes international students to study Psychosomatic Therapy among the beauty of the Australian landscape. A pre-registration interview determines English language and literacy prerequisites. If you choose to visit Australia in person you are eligible for a USI (unique student identifier) upon entry into the country. This is an Australian student number used to issue Australian formal qualifications such as the 10821NAT Certificate III Psychosomatic Therapy. If you choose not to enter Australia and study online from abroad the modules you study are equivalent to the accredited training and you are issued a certificate of completion.


How is it delivered?
Level II includes 4 days of face to face training followed by practical case studies to be completed within 6 - 12 months from home. Level II face to face training follows the Level I for those who seek to complete the full accreditation 10821NAT Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy. Please contact the Psychosomatic Therapy College for a study plan to suit you.

Level II Fee AU $ 3,270 (6 modules)

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Event Type
Face to Face Intensive Training
Accreditation Available
10821NAT Certificate III
Event Location
Kirra Hill Community and Cultural Centre
Garrick Street
Coolangatta QLD 4225
Venue Phone
Contact Details
Student Services Tasha Briggs

Monday 3rd Oct 2022 - Friday 7th Oct 2022
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