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February 2022 ONLINE FORUM “Help I can’t stop bingeing.....”
Jan 10

February 2022 ONLINE FORUM “Help I can’t stop bingeing.....”

Registrations Closed
Start Date
10-Jan-2022 10:00 am
End Date
28-Jan-2022 6:30 pm
(UTC+11:00) Australia/Sydney

Registrations Are Closed


                            Actual date - to be confirmed closer to this forum


“Help I can’t stop bingeing -

Conversation of the Parts"



Presented by Pia Lindgren

10am - Saturday February 2022

(Australian Eastern Standard Time)

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We are delighted that Pia will be bringing this topic to the forefront.

“The mind and the body are like parallel universes.  Anything that happens in the mental universe must leave tracks in the physical one.”

                                         – Deepak Chopra, author & physician


Is your client coming to you in despair saying?    Help I can’t stop bingeing....


First, we must understand the the mind - body connection. Our psychology is made up by many parts. We are made up of many “sub-personalities” - aspects - or Parts - and they can totally control our lives if we are not aware of them. Our sub-personalities dictate whether we are going to be rich or poor, successful, or unsuccessful, or even be in a love relationship or not. The Parts also have a big effect on the well-being of our body… our body is the barometer of our soul and mind.

Health and well-being are challenged a lot when we have experienced trauma (most human beings have) and as a result we develop addictions, and not just like the typically thought of addictions, like alcohol and drugs but also food, sex, social media, Netflix, busyness, online shopping and people pleasing.

In this talk you are going to get an experience of how you can access Parts/Aspects that makes us addicted.  You will meet the Indulger, Sneaky and Fantasy Parts, and also get the understanding of why your client can’t stop being addicted.

In this talk, Pia will be giving the experience of AIM and can promise you many ‘aha’s!’

About Pia

Pia Lindgren is the founder of the Breakfree WellBeing Institute, which has the mission to help people BreakFree from repeating self-sabotaging patterns and feeling stuck.

She has a deep understanding of how the connection between mind and body creates a map of how we experience the reality of life and uses the body as the barometer. If health, relationships, money, and flow in life is blocked, her method tracks it back to trauma.  It is in this trauma experience that beliefs are formed. It is not our fault if we are stuck in Self Sabotaging patterns.  These are a result of the past.  Pia found the way to free herself from chronic binging on food, forever either on a diet or off it. She carried more than 40 kg (+88 lb) on her body and only released the weight when she realised this behaviour stemmed from trauma.

Pia helps people create the life they want, using the cutting-edge AIM Process – a synthesis of ancient wisdom, psychology, Voice Dialogue and Psychosomatic Therapy, Body-Mind Communication, and neuroscience, to assist people on their path of self-transformation.  In this way, Pia has helped individuals: turn barren land into booming business’, chipped away at fat bodies to reveal their natural line, moulded lifeless relationships into loving ones, transformed stress to inner alignment, and helped many people move from unconsciousness to conscious living.

She can’t wait to get up in the morning to inspire, teach and facilitate groups and individuals to become their own “Life Alchemist". She thrives on bringing greater awareness, wholeness, and balance to others’ lives so they, too, can live the life of their dreams. Pia lives in the Byron Bay area in NSW Australia and works globally as an international speaker, facilitating seminars and consults privately.


Event Type
Interactive Online Forum
Accreditation Available
CPD Points - 2
Event Location
Online (Please check your country and state for the appropriate time zone).
*Advertised time zone is Australian Eastern Standard Time*
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