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Level 2 Psychosomatic Therapy In Person Southern Beaches Tasmania
Nov 13

Level 2 Psychosomatic Therapy In Person Southern Beaches Tasmania

Start Date
13-Nov-2021 9:00 am
End Date
18-Nov-2021 7:00 pm
(UTC+11:00) Australia/Sydney

Psychosomatic Therapy Level 2

Offering 6 days Unique Face-Face intimate learning experience In-house

near the Southern Beaches Tasmania. 

This is the continuation of your Psychosomatic Therapy journey following Level one on-line or in person. This training is suited to those who are wanting to continue for Personal Development or Professional Development.  Become a Psychosomatic Therapist or if you are an existing therapist, this will offer you a unique opportunity to attain Psychosomatic Therapy certification. Developing a deeper connection with current clients and allowing you to identify core issues quickly, with tools and resources to support lasting changes. 

Whats covered:

Recap Level 1 Psychosomatic Principles and Tools 

  • Face Analysis and Profiling
  • Hand and Foot Analysis.
  • Numerology in the Body
  • Mind-Body Analysis Practical

Emotional Anatomy & Archetypes

Emotional Anatomy brings the universal language of the body. You get to experience and understand how you form the shape you are in and the skill set it provides you with. Why you are the beautiful energetic being you are living in your body. The vessel of your energetic journey of life. As such, it is the most accurate indicator of a person’s energetic flow and spiritual alignment. In BodyMind Analysis you have experienced how your own energetic and physical form demonstrates deeply embedded attitudes and behavioral patterning developed throughout your life. Now you will learn techniques to identify long held "Issues in the Tissues" of yourself and your clients.

Understand - 

  • How people with similar body shapes can carry similar response patterns, skill sets and emotional behaviours.
  • Recognize patterns through language, body language associated with each body type.
  • What are the hidden survival behaviours and how they affect the body.
  • Techniques and skills required to make lasting changes
  • Understand your own personal archetype and how this serves you

Emotional Release Techniques

This is a hands-on interactive emotional release work in the body. How to identify and then release habitual emotion issues in the tissues. How and where they present in the body. Exploring Emotional Anatomy and Trigger Point Release techniques for the release of redundant cellular memory. Bringing radical transformation with holistic Body Mind Connection.

The Emotions of Psychosomatic Disease 

Psychosomatics brings the understanding that in most cases, there is an emotional base to physical conditions, ailments and dis-ease in your body. Understand what your body is communicating to you brings great insight for the healing process. The question is what are you not listening to? You will gain a new perspective of the energetics of pain, mental and emotional imbalances, chronic disorders, and degenerative diseases in the BodyMind.


  • How to find the root source of suppressed emotions.
  • What emotions, words and behaviour are associated with specific aspects of the body and related conditions
  • Body systems and their function and role within the body
  • Understand how to listen and maps identifying regions of the body affected by the presenting condition.
  • Up skill your bodymind communication.

Practitioner Experiential

Here we put it all together with a fun day of practice and experience. You will be amazed at how your skills have grown and been embodied.

Optional Practitioner Client Consultation Days for Certification.

For Certification: Psychosomatic Therapy College RPL process must be undertaken. 


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Event Type
Psychosomatic Therapy
Event Location
10 Albert Court,
Dodges Ferry TAS 7173
Venue Phone
Contact Details
Vicki Delpero

Saturday 30th Oct 2021
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