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Aug 15

AUGUST ONLINE FORUM "Roots in Physical Trauma with Psychosomatic Reality" - with Cynthia Jones

by International Association of Psychosomatic Therapists
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Date & Time
15 August 2021 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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August 2021  Forum

Roots in Physical Trauma with Psychosomatic Reality

Presented by Cynthia Jones

10.30am Australia Sunday - 15th August 2021 (AEST)

7.30pm Saturday - 14th August, 2021 (Central Standard Time)


Roots In Physical Trauma with Psychosomatic Reality

“Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots ~ Rumi”

Would you be surprised that we are born with physical trauma? Innocently, physical trauma is established by many factors well before we take our first breath. Curious? While in vitro, we neurologically experience and record every thought, desire, or action of our birth mother and how her body responded to those moments. The roots of our eventual life’s path will be based on many of those moments and other pre-existing ancestorial cellular memories. With Psychosomatic Reality, the evidence of that cellular memory can become the template to gauge the habitual physical trauma held in the body’s personality.

The evidence of physical trauma can show up as muscle tension, unaligned posture, or specific breathing patterns just to name a few physical traits. It is interesting where today; the perception of physical trauma is the result of an accident or a horrible experience. Psychosomatically speaking, from a developing child’s perspective, a stern action of repercussion, a lack of parental/community support or even the indifference of its existence can create life altering psychological damage to its personality. How do those random experiences condemn a forgotten memory into a current living lifestyle?   

Come join Cynthia Jones as she speaks about how a person can unconsciously attract repeated situations that the rational mind can not make sense of. Are we truly destined to live a life just to satisfy a specific learning moment? Evolution is when we understand the reason for the emotional reaction to a physical traumatic experience, to make some sense of it and take the necessary steps to resolve that it will not happen again or at least not the same way.


About Cynthia


A woman known for many skills and talents, Cynthia Jones shares the depth of her experiences today through the Body Mind connection as a Psychosomatic Therapy Teacher.

Cynthia has been a part of the Psychosomatic Community since April 2007. It was a modality that spoke loudly to her due to its uniqueness in providing an education to the understanding of the self as well as for those in her daily life. Cynthia has become one with the work and is truly dedicated to the growth of this industry. 

Between physical body, intellectual mind and sensitive heart, Cynthia can offer so much to people based on her applied academics and true compassionate heart.

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Interactive Online Forum
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