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ONLINE & Face to face Cert III Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate
Jun 7

ONLINE & Face to face Cert III Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate

Start Date
7 June 2021 9:00 AM
End Date
12 June 2021 2:30 PM


This training is suited to those who are interested in Psychosomatic Therapy for Personal Development, Professional Development and those who wish to go on to be able to utilise this therapy within their working environment.  If you are an existing therapist, this will deepen your connection with current clients and increase your referral base.  This change is due to the impact of Psychosomatics and reading quickly habitual long term patterns of behaviours and reactions that show up in the body/mind.


CO-FACILITATION Christy Foster (UTAH - USA)  and Linda Thackray (Sydney - Australia)


JUNE 2021 - Online dates

Please contact us for details, noting USA is a day behind Australia.

The session times will be 10 x 1/2 days, with a further 7 days to follow Face to Face.

Times in USA:     1-3pm, 4-6pm 7-8.30         Australia:  7-9am 10-12noon 1-2.30pm


ONLINE COMPONENT (10 x 1/2 days)

  1. An introduction to Psychosomatics
  2. Face Reading Analysis
  3. Theory for Body Reading Analysis
  4. Foot Reading Analysis
  5. Hand Reading Analysis
  6. Emotional Anatomy
  7. Client History and Consultations
  8. Numerology in the Body
  9. An introduction to Psychosomatic Disease.

These online units will be delivered over 10 days (5-6 hours per day)

Students must be present in the training on the online training days.



Dates will be discussed with the participants who complete the Online component.

This will cover:


1.    Recap of the Online Content 

2.    Body Mind Analysis Practical (2 days)

3.    Emotional Release

4.     Day 10, 11 and 12


We would love to hear from you, if you have any questions or feel this training is for you.   Please send an email to (Australia) or  (USA) so we can organise a call with you.






Event Type
Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate
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Saturday 8th May 2021 - Thursday 20th May 2021
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