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Cert III Psychosomatic Therapy - Level 2 Sydney NSW
Apr 6

Cert III Psychosomatic Therapy - Level 2 Sydney NSW

Start Date
6 April 2021 8:00 AM
End Date
11 April 2021 6:00 PM


Psychosomatic Therapy Training

Each person comes into the world with a unique DNA blueprint, the experiences they have, shape how they perceive their world and relate to their physical body.  The Psychosomatic Therapy training provides invaluable tools to be able to connect at a greater level with your clients.   As you learn how to identify and read a person’s habitual patterns which become part of their form you can reach past what their conscious mind knows and look at the in-formation shown in their feet, hands, face and Body.

By bringing awareness of unconscious patterns which maybe limiting or influencing a client’s thoughts, emotions creating physical dis-ease or discomfort in the body, the client is more easily able to respond and make lasting changes.   To enhance this work you will be exploring your own design, and how your experiences have shaped your body.  This is a hands-on interactive training which includes how to identify and read how habitual emotion takes form and where this presents in the body, explore Emotional Anatomy and Trigger Point Release techniques for the release of redundant cellular memory. This transformational training has a holistic approach to the Body Mind Connection.

Many do this for their own personal development, whilst others incorporate this into their Wellness Profession, with others going on to complete the full requirements so as to gain their Certification in Psychosomatic Therapy.


Level One - March 2021

Day 1:              Psychosomatic Therapy Breakthrough

Day 2:              The Art of Reading Faces

Day 3 -5:          Body Mind Analysis, Limbs, Joints and Feet

Day 6:              Language of the Hands

Level 2 - April 2021

Day 7 – 8:        Emotional Anatomy – Emotional Release Bodywork

Day 9:              Psychosomatic Related Diseases / Lifestyle Consultations

Day 10:            Apply Reflective Practice in a Psychosomatic Therapy Role

Location:         Sydney

Investment:       Full training $ 5995.00 – Includes 12 month mentoring programme.   For those wish to do the training for personal or professional training only, the cost is $4995.  

In addition to the 12 days of training (2 of these being supervised clinic days), there is a further 2 online units in addition to case studies/assignments/ reflective learning which takes approximately 6-12 months to complete before you are eligible to gain your final qualification.

If this training sounds like it is for you, please send me an email to so we can organise a convenient time to connect and discuss further.  I would love to hear from you.

Event Type
Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate
Event Location
Abbotsford NSW 2046
Contact Details
Linda Thackray

Saturday 27th Mar 2021 - Sunday 28th Mar 2021
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