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Kaye Vleeshouwer - Enlightened healing
Phone: +61402004601
Address: 908A /2 Dibbs st
South Townsville
Townsville , 4810
Queensland Australia
Opening Hours:
9 -3 pm Tuesday to Thursday 

I am a certified master practitioner of psychosomatic therapy and colour light therapist, specialising in face reading and emotional healing. I help you discover, heal, and flourish through mind- body communication and colour light therapy.

These modalities bring deeper awareness, understanding and connection to tap into your hidden qualities. Once this happens you learn to understand your own uniqueness and your alignment leads you to unlock your future potential and empower you to reach your true essence.

Face readings- your biography is written all over your face.  Face reading is an art and science of reading the characteristics of your personality as well as your embodied habits and behaviours. It reveals your unique gifts and challenges and allows you to discover and seek opportunities to overcome limitiations and feel safer and secure with who you are. 

Emotional release Therapy - can include body work and light therapy in bringing awareness, understanding and light into what the body is communicating to release past hurts and emotions. You have the power to chose to accept or release emotions, including anger, old and heavy patterns which place burdens in your life. 


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