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Lauren Joy Wilson - Holistic Counselling
Phone: +61 401 924 156
Address: PO Box 254R
Cairns, 4870
Queensland Australia
Opening Hours:
Bookings by appointment only.

Access Your Body's Wisdom

Have you ever had a problem that you can't think your way out of? Or perhaps you've been struggling with a health condition, but your search for answers only results in more questions. Your body already knows what to do, and it has a lot to say. The real question is: Are you listening?

Body Intelligence & Self-Empowerment

Discover How To:

o Transition through unexpected change (break-ups, setbacks or upheavals)

o Go beyond the surface level of a problem to find out what's really going on

o Let go of painful past experiences that make your head and heart hurt

o Find new solutions when faced with situations that make you feel powerless

o Manage social anxiety that makes your heart race or jumbles your words

o Understand the mind-body connection using your own body as a reference point

Cut Through Confusion & Gain Clarity

As a mentor, I'm going to challenge you to grow and confront the parts of yourself that are keeping you stuck where you are. I'm going to help you connect with that deeper part of yourself that knows exactly what you want and already has the answers.

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