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Vicki Delpero ~ Soul Embodiment
Phone: +61419532286
Address: 10 Albert Court,
Dodges Ferry, 7173
Tasmania Australia
Opening Hours:

Soul Embodiment - Intuitive Cognitive Knowing

To journey with Soul Embodiment Psychosomatics is to discover your own personal User Guide. What it is to be a human on the planet earth. The Blueprint carried within your DNA & body. Sessions, workshops and Certificate 3 & Master Psychosomatic Therapy training. Here you will learn embodied techniques to create a fully experiential journey inward as we guide you through the mystery of the language of your mind/body connection. Get ready to deconstruct emotional blocks and old beliefs. Discover the merging of science and spirituality to construct a whole new life. Deep dive into the intuitive wisdom and knowledge within you. We teach you with every session. Learn skills, techniques and practices to create the juicy fulfilled life you want.

You will receive manuals and charts to assist your adventure, but the main map is you and all that you bring to the experience. We create a safe space so that you can get real with yourself whilst witnessing and assisting your soul group to do the same. The combined experiences of our own personal & professional journeys weave together to create the greatest adventure book. Here we help you recover from your past story and become empowered as you step into the true sense of your personal mastery. Taking those experience that have made you who you are today spring boarding you into the life you want to create now.

We offer you the bounty of 40 years in the transformational industry. Vicki Delpero Master Psychosomatic Therapy Teacher, with her background in midwifery, has birthed many souls onto the planet earth. Through this work she found herself surrounded by the alternative health industry. This lead her on her own journey of self-discovery and self -healing training in many modalities. Vicki now combines the wisdom gained to help you birth you.

Karen Collyer Master Practitioner, Author, Intuitive Editor, Medical Medium and Animal Communicator, after training in several modalities, stepped into her soul’s purpose by deeply going within, listening and activating from this place. Her skill set is accurate as she hears your body’s call.


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