Gillian Maddigan is a Communication Coach. Her ability to read and understand human beings is as unique as it is profound. 

Gillian trained in Psychosomatic Therapy with her father, Hermann Müller, who founded the Psychosomatic Therapy College on the Gold Coast. After tragically losing her husband in a workplace accident, she found herself a single mother of a toddler. She moved to the Gold Coast to escape her memories, expand her world, and started to work with her father, who was developing Psychosomatic Therapy. Gillian worked as an editor of his books and manuals and became the Events Manager for all the festivals they attended around Australia.

The unforeseen twists and turns that life presented to Gillian brought her to her vocation, the art of understanding how the 'whole' body communicates. Gillian's passion and dedication to her calling inspired her to complete a range of qualifications, including:

  • Level 2 Reiki

  • Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

  • Master of Clinical Hypnosis

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Diploma in teaching Psychosomatic Therapy

When working with her clients, Gillian reads their faces and body language to offer feedback on how they are presenting to the rest of the world. She teaches her clients skills and coaches them from the sidelines while they apply them in the ‘Game of life’. She guides them in communicating effectively in all situations and interactions across their lives, from professional work and social settings to personal relationships.

She cultivated a deeper understanding of reading faces and body language when she attended Mind Body and Spirit festivals with her father in 1995. They participated in these festivals across Australia over nine years and could read up to 40 faces each per day. She believes she was enriched by attending these festivals as they laid the experience, speed, and accuracy foundations for everything she now has to offer her clients.

Gillian’s passion is empowering others to understand their body language and read/decode other people’s non-verbal language. She works with clients to reflect on previous life experiences and uses these understandings to create deep, meaningful, long-lasting connections.

Gillian has experienced the power of change and has reached out to many from live and virtual stages and as a guest speaker on webinars, podcasts, symposiums, and retreats. She is excited to share over 25 years of knowledge and experience with a broader audience, reaching out to as many people as possible to train and coach them to become effective communicators and create deep connections.