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Carole Maureen Friesen ~ Costa Rica
Address: Heaven and Earth Sanctuary
Chimirol del Rivas, 369
San Jose Costa Rica

The Lightworkers Institute is based in the beautiful rainforests of Costa Rica. The connection to the life force, the womb of Mother Earth, is so strong here that the transmutation at cellular memory flows with grace and ease. Imagine yourself being fully emersed in understanding yourself and others, at the deepest level through Psychosomatic Therapy.

Join Carole Maureen in the jungles of Costa Rica. She is a steward of Heaven and Earth Sanctuary that is on Mt Chirripo with Rio Chirripo running along side the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is a work of art with stunning gardens, orchards, 5 goats, 7 chickens, 100s hummingbirds and 1000s of butterflies. The training and retreat centre houses 14 people comfortably.

Carole Maureen has been directly involved with the founder Hermann Muller since 2001. She worked with Hermann to open up many major cities in Canada and USA. With her extensive and dedication to the work, she was the first person to be awarded the highest degree to teach the Masters and Diploma in Psychosomatic Therapy.

Carole Maureen also teaching online classes in Body Awakening Method, Psychosomatic Numerology and the Galactic Signature Blueprint. 

Join us in Costa Rica...your Life will never be the same!




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