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Melanie McMahon ~ Shine Your Light
Phone: +61 404 741446
Address: 26/91-103 Herses Road
Eagleby, 4207
Queensland Australia
Opening Hours:
by appointment Friday - Tuesday

Shine Your Light is a holistic approach to the prevention and management of human ailments based on the relationship between the mind and the body aimed at restoring balance.  Utilising what your face and body are communicating, we find practical, useful, and realistic suggestions for progression, growth, and healing.  This work is for people that are REALLY looking for change and are willing to learn to take respoinsibility and accountability for themselves, their actions, and their lives.  Are you ready to own your SHIT?!!!!

Whether you've spent a lifetime avoiding or suppressing your emotions or it is something more recent due to a traumatic experience, your face is your road map and your body the evidence of how you feel and connect with the world and life.  The body NEVER lies; and her, you will get clarity and understanding around the progression and formation of disease in YOUR body, why small stuff isn't small stuff to you, and whether or not you are living life from a conscious intentional heart space or in autopilot because "that's what you're supposed to do"!

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