Tommaso Biasiolo - Inlightened Body
Phone: +12508504109
Address: 251-542 Siereen road
Mansons Landing
British Columbia Canada

There is a time in life when we realize that we have a gift. For me was a process that took many years but finally, I met the “Psychosomatic Therapy” training. The body language, those subconscious reactions that the mind expresses through the body have always been an interest of mine. One day I realized that not everybody could see what I can see. Some people call it intuition, others observation... the line is very fine. Psychosomatic Therapy gave me the opportunity to learn how to put words on my observations. Is a beautiful and fascinating journey that interweave within psychology, sociology, beliefs, life, quantum physics, nature and everything that exist around us.
I offer a variety of services. Psychosomatic Therapy, Mindfulness and Awareness Guidance, Positive Changes Sessions and packages to meet your need and will to evolve.

I also work with men, questioning what does “real man” mean. I organize the “Inner Man Circle” in small communities north of Vancouver Island where I live, I teach Asana Yoga classes and I offer private coaching.


I am also a vegan raw Chef working with, changing lives one meal at the time and presenting workshops.


You can find my services at and on my facebook page


Love and Light


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