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The benefits of being a member of INTAPT

INTAPT is an international not for profit association respresenting qualified Psychosomatic Therapists, Students and Trainers. 

Established in 2003, we are the only association in the world that represents Psychosomatic Therapy in its own right.  We promote and foster a community through connection, providing various methods to interact and share :

Best Practice -  We support our members to deliver evidence based, skilled, ethical and professional consultations

Participation -  We encourage our members to connect with and contribute to our professional Psychosomatic Therapy community.

Innovation -   We set the advocacy agenda for the Psychosomatic Therapy profession.

Governance -  We operate to the highest standards of transperancy and accountability.

Client Focus -  We place quality and safety above all.


Our vision is to create greater awareness Psychosomatic Therapy internationally.

Our Mission:

  • support our members
  • profesionalise the industry
  • educate and inform the public and other professionals

Members services

Develop your skills-

INTAPT offers ongoing professional development opportunities provided by members and associates at a members special rates.  

• email updates and notifications

• the INTAPT instagram feed

• the INTAPT website 

• the INTAPT quarterly e-newsletter

• the INTAPT facebook group

• the INTAPT public Facebook page


Keep connected INTAPT membership gives you ample opportunities to share information and network with your professional peers.

Be truly represented As a single modality representative body, you can be confident that your INTAPT membership fees are solely dedicated to advocating for the Psychosomatic therapy profession at both a national and international level. 

• Being a member of INTAPT gives you association discounts on professional indemnity and public liability insurance.  INTAPT encourages you to choose from a number of insurers rather than locking you in to a particular underwriter.

 Enhance your reputation Being an INTAPT member brings you the professional recognition and credibility of a established and respected representative body.

• INTAPT is a single modality association. All our resources are dedicated to promoting the profession of Psychosomatic therapy. 

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